T15 – Land of 3.09 Hectares, in Panaholma.

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This little and flat land, has worked as farm, years ago. Now it´s an interesting opportunity to buy a terrain in Panaholma, near the river.


The square of the town is situated 900 meters away and the river is about 950 m. from there.

The place is quiet and hasa mature forest of native trees.

This is an interesting option to build a house to rent or live in a save and quiet place, near Panaholma and about 18 km from Mina Clavero. Here you can develop a project related to summer tourism


With a beautiful panoramic view of the hills and usually, Panaholma has 320 sunny days per year!!No doubt you can enjoy outdoor living!


Price: PESOS FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND -each Hectare-. ($550.000.- each He).



Brokerage fee: 5%



R.E.B.  Esteban Urús.

M.P. Nº4448.


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