Vineyard dam´s Circuit


If you drive from Mina Clavero to the Vineyard Dam you will go through Arroyo de los Patos town and you will be able to see the beautiful golden beaches of Los Sauces River. When you arrive to Nono town you will be able to swim in Río Chico or in Paso de las Tropas. Nearby there is a really interesting museum that is well-known for its multifaceted exposition: The Rocsen Museum.

If you go on driving you will arrive at Los Hornillos town, the provincial capital of ecotourism and microclimate that it’s a beautiful village down the mountains. Finally when you’re about to arrive to the Dam you will cross through Los Pozos town where you have to turn right to reach your destination. It has 102 meters of height feature that make it one of the deepest dams of South America.
In the journey you can visit a goat cheese factory and another that produces olive oil, without forgetting some cookies homemade factories which are famous on the zone.